We get asked all the time questions about survival tips during a disaster. Last week we were asked “What is a Navy SEAL trick to stop looters?”. Funny you should ask as we seeing many of our tips being used in Ferguson, Missouri against thugs and looters that are up to no good. These criminals want to riot in the streets and blame others while you are in harms way – So check out these tips and put them to use.


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Watch the evening news and you will see disaster striking all around us. Hurricanes, civil unrest, tornado, street riots, earthquake, race riots, floods, etc.)

What will you do to protect your home and belongings?

During a disaster is when the looters will come in to your neighborhood. Thugs will be looking to pillage from the weak and those un-prepared and break in their homes. You want to be prepared – not another statistic on the evening news of someone who was taken advantage of. Remember to be ready for anything at anytime and protect your family. Make the dirt bags take one look at your home and go the other way.



Have the basics ready in your home. Extra water, food, solar powered lantern, ammo and good working flashlights for starters.

This is important in that in order to protect your home – you need to stay in your home and be well supplied so that you can protect your family.

If you get out on the street and are not prepared – you will become a target.

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Install a dead bolt on the front and back door. Make sure you have a bolt that goes deep into the frame.

Go ahead and scope out a piece if furniture that you can push in front of the inside of the door if needed as a barricade. Be ready for anything at anytime.

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Get a good watch dog that will alert you to possible intruders.

Also get a dog that will defend you if your attacked.

This will be key if someone tries to break in. A good watch dog will bark at the bad guys when needed.

I personally have a pit bull that sleeps at the foot of my bed to protect my family.

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One of the best anti looter tactics is to make your home the smallest target you can.

Park your car inside of your locked garage.

If you have large windows then hang large drapes on them. Be ready to hunker down and protect your family.

Don’t show off a flashy big screen TV and your home computer thru those big windows.

Keep a low profile and don’t advertise that you have pricey goods.

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Once the looting starts – break out a can of spray paint and a piece of plywood and mark “Looters Will Be Shot”. Put a skull and cross bones underneath. Looters will take one look and know that you mean business. A little bit of Psychological Warfare can pay dividends. Back that up with your dog and weapons.

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An easy trick is to plant shrubs around the perimeter of your property that have thorns or sharp edges. Rose bushes, hollies, cactus and Osage orange are a few. These will definitely make intruders think twice. Protect your family at all cost. The key is to keep them trimmed down to waist high so that you can see an bad guys coming in.

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Be ready for fire. Looters may have caused a fire down your street that may spread to yours. You will need to evacuate or be ready to fight the fire. Have an evacuation plan and be ready to pick up your survival go-bag and leave. You can either make your own bug out bag or buy one off the shelf. If you do buy one then know what is in it – and train with it.

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What is the best weapon for home defense?

The shotgun is the best – hands down. It is easy to get ammo, very low in cost, hard to jam and always goes boom.
Practice with your gun so that you can protect your family.
The longest shot in most homes is 15 to 20 feet. A shotgun will most always do the trick.

What is a Navy SEAL trick to scare looters away from your home?

A pit bull dog and a sawed off shot gun go a long way to scaring a looter.
Throwing on a sweatshirt hoodie with a bandanna over your face, sunglasses and a truckers cap – is icing on the cake.
This scares untrained street thugs.

What is one Navy SEAL trick to keep your home safe?

I sleep with a pit bull dog at the base of my bed and a Mossberg shotgun under my bed and a 9mm handgun on my night table. I also have a backup hatchet at my bed post in case the pistol jams.

Which do you prefer for home security with the shotgun vs 9mm?

Shotgun hands down every day. No question.

How can I prepare now for civil unrest and looters?

Check out all of the tips above.

What is one trick a Navy SEAL uses on his truck that stops looters.

I carry multiple gun and knifes in each side door well. A simple flare gun is one of the easiest devices to stop looters in their tracks.

How much food and supplies do you keep in case of a disaster or unrest?

We think you should keep 2 weeks Emergency survival food minimum but more is better as you can trade canned food if needed.

What is best tip on home security?

A good deadbolt for the doors, a good watch dog, a working shotgun that you know how to use.

Is it ok to carry paper currency or gold and silver coins in your bug out bag?

It is a good idea to carry several $20 bills with small denominations of gold coins and silver coins for trading.

What are good choices for gold and silver coins for a bug out bag?

We have picked out small denominations like the American Eagle Gold 1/10 Ounce Coin and the 1 oz American Silver Dollar.

How can you insure that you will have enough food if disaster hits?

We keep a month supply of canned and dried goods in our pantry. If disaster hits we are ready to ride it out and hunker down and defend our ground as we have enough food and water to survive and thrive.