You are about to discover the power of this Russian relic that will increase your power, core stability, and shove your mental toughness to the next level

Designed with HARDCORE athletes in mind!

Kettlebell ebook cover largeIf you love high intensity, low rest, sweat-in-your-eyes training then pay very close attention because you are going to learn about the incredible power of Kettlebells.

With a much heavier bottom, Kettlebells force your body to work on more muscles, especially in regards to moving that sucker fast.

Combine speed and explosiveness to move the Kettlebell up and around your hand, and strength to  hold a heavier weight and maintain great form and you have a recipe for incredible training.

Here is what Kettlebell training is going to do for you:

  • Your core is going to grow stronger and much more stable in an insane amount of time: 30 days. A stronger core allows you to plug power leaks that prevent you from transferring all of power and energy from your lower to your upper body and vice-versa.
  • Moving a heavy weight fast and controlled allows you to develop more explosiveness and generate more energy while in a fixed, stable position.
  • Your athleticism will achieve a new level due to the steady control, hand-eyed coordination, flexibility, endurance and ability to simply turn your Kettlebell around your hand and securely pocket it into your elbow and shoulder.
  • Working more muscles = more results. Kettlebells impact the entire body, from your planted feet, stable ankles and quads, tight core, back and arm muscles when you’re in a low position like the bent-over-row to forcing your body to get even tighter to maintain stability as you implement movement and speed.


Here is what you’re getting with this program:

  • 30 Kettlebell inspired workouts combined with bodyweight training to push you to become more stronger, powerful, and agile.
  • Video tutorials on how to perform the speed and agility drills Brandon uses and combines with Kettlebell training.
  • Email support from me and Brandon about all of your Kettlebell questions and concerns.
  • I created an audio that I’m including with your ebook, Stay Motivated Part I & II for FREE.


You are supported by our lifetime No-Holds-Barred, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I have complete trust in this program and your results, but sometimes life happens.

If you don’t like the program for whatever reason, email me ASAP and I will submit your refund as soon as I see your email in my inbox.

I am sworn to protect you and you trust me to help build you up. That is my mission to you, myself and my family. You are refund is guaranteed for LIFE. That is my promise to you.


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