60 pages packed with workouts, videos, interviews and NO BS, realworld, in the trenches tactics to get your chin over the bar.

Get stronger and completely dominate pull-ups

pullups_coverAre You:

  • Struggling, pushing yourself, and still falling short of your first pull-up?
  • Tired of doing the same old, boring, tiring, dull workouts every time you walk into the gym?
  • Training for BUD/S and struggling to pass the test?
  • Training to become a BEAST who eats pull-ups for breakfast?


Grinder Strength Pullups Includes:

  • Links to 12 new pull-up improvement videos and written text taking you through each pull-up progression – from no pullups to cranking a dozen for speed.
  • Stretching workouts to prepare you for pull-ups and help you cool down
  • Grip strength video and workouts to help you improve your holding power.  What good is a pull-up if you cant hang on the bar?
  • 30 day workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes
  • Pull-up progressions from starting with band pull-ups working your way up the ladder to Chest to bar pull-ups.
  • 3 Interviews from top Pull-up coaches Stew Smith, Zach Even-Esh, and Al Kavadio.  All top Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the field of pull-up training.


We GUARANTEE To Improve Your Pullups Or
Your Money Back In FULL.

If you go through all 90 days of training and document your workouts in your training log  – and you don’t show any improvement – we will refund your money.  

No questions asked, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I give you my word as a for United States Navy Seal to refund your money back if you worked hard for 90 days and didn’t achieve any progress whatsoever.

Just $27 – $9.97


This book is a great guide for anyone looking to get their pullup numbers up. The book begins with a solid breakdown of various types of pullups ranging from drills for beginners looking to complete that first rep all the way to more advanced variations for experienced athletes. The main portion of the book is three separate 30 day programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The book ends with a couple interviews with some guys who definitely know their pullups, and I found that section to be a nice bonus. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to crank out more pullups, and it will definitely be beneficial to anyone regardless of their level of fitness.


Although I thought I was doing well, his book helped me tweak my workouts for maximum results. I have increased the number of pullups I can do from 15 to 20 in the first week just by adding to the variety of pulls. I was actually kind of skeptical, but figured I would give it a try. What could it hurt, right? His advice is concise, well described, and, on my Kindle, easy to use as a reference. I have yet to work through a full workout as put forward in his book, but have already incorporated some of his sets into what we are doing. Easily worth the affordable price and an excellent addition to my exercise library. Thanks, Brad!

–by MBrown

I’ve been training in gyms for ages with not much success until I read this book. It took me from doing 0 pullups to doing 10 dead-hand pullups! My nephew, who is only 14years, can now comfortably do a solid 8 reps from a dead-hang, whereas before he couldn’t do any! All this in 3 1/2 weeks! That says a lot about Brad and his amazing training system. It has many tips, advice, and workouts, and it’s all included here in Brad’s book!

I was one of those guys that could not do a pullup if my life where in danger, but after reading the book I’ve applied it and I am up to 10 pullups within a month and continue to improve.

–Vincent Smith

I’ve been following Brad’s fitness advice for almost a year now and all of my PST numbers have improved. My pullups (dead-hang) went from 9 to over 18 and my pushups from 60 to 83 in two minutes! He is an excellent coach and a total bad ass. I am privileged to have found his material.

–Dakotah Alix

For the longest time I have been stuck at a certain number of pull ups with no sign of improvement. In fact I probably over did it, just trying to get myself over that “pull-up hump”. I tried aux. type exercises with fancy equipment, again no results. I looked into the Grinder method of training my mind and body to achieve better numbers on the pull-up. As with any difficult challenge in life, they can be over come with solid plan and determination. Brad’s book gave me the baseline, the plan, and finally the results I was looking for.

–Jose C.