They all laughed when I said I was going to be a Navy SEAL. How a barely breathing 160lb, asthmatic with zero athletic ability defied the odds, stuck it to his naysayers, and 
survived Navy SEAL hell week. TWICE.

This is a true story

All of my success (and all of your success) comes down to one thing…
being bentally tough

I’ve got something really awesome for you.

I recorded the secrets and shortcuts that helped me survive BUD/S and overcome any moment when I was constantly discouraged.

You’re going to get the inside secrets on:

  • What it takes to achieve your goals easily and efficiently with the cunningness of a silent and deadly assassin.
  • How to conquer and OWN any and all of the obstacles that come your way.
  • How to deal with the haters in your life: anyone from your parents to the local store clerk.
  • How to WIN at every single thing you do from the workplace, to the gym, to your relationships.
  • How to become the warrior whose name is always talked about for years to come and one that leaves a lasting legacy
  • How to dominate in the gym and become THE warrior everybody looks to beat and looks up to.
  • Find out what it takes to CRUSH it in your workplace and how to accomplish anything in your life starting TODAY.

The best part about these Underground Audios is that you can access them right now! You will literally be listening to them in the next 2 minutes!

Once you complete your order you’ll be taken to a page where you can download them immediately. The process is very simple. Its just like buying a song on iTunes.

Once you download them you can put them on your iPod, your iPad, your phone, or even burn it onto a cd if your feeling kind of old school.

Listen to them at home, while you eat breakfast, while shopping for groceries, in the car on your way to work, during one of your runs, on your lunch break, even right before you go to bed.

Its Like Having Me Right There By Your Side Coaching You
Every Step Of The Way

And giving you advice through the good times and the hard times.

To make this even easier for you I put all of the recordings into one bundle and I’m giving it to you at a MASSIVE discount.

Some people pay up to $1500 a year to come train with me and get coaching. The total value of these audios is just $283 but I’m a coach and I’m here to help you as much as I can so I knocked off 91% so anybody can afford to get these secrets.

Does it feel like I’m pushing you? You BET I’m pushing you.

Like my SEAL Instructors during BUD/S, I’m here to guide you through the trenches and prepare you to become the ULTIMATE warrior for life.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford this cause your probably spending more than 30 bucks a week on coffee alone. No more delays. No more excuses.

These secrets changed my life and they will change yours.

Theres a SEAL inside of you and it’s time to let’em out of the cage.


I won the seniors brown belt “worlds” championships this weekend. I’d like to thank you for your podcasts. A part of you was out there with me. Rise the F UP!!!!

–Chuck Holland

After listening to Lean In, I bought your Underground Bunker Audio series. It’s great stuff, great inspiration and great takeaways in each audio. Between your audio tracks and joining a Mastermind group, I have made a lot of progress in the last month including launching my own meal planning app into beta on Facebook (after two years of delays, excuses, updating code, etc…). Thanks for the role you played in that Brad, and keep producing the great content from the Underground Bunker.

–Will Button

Brad, I just wanted to drop a email and say thanks. I been listening to some of audio the book and found them very useful. I’m in to pushing myself to get better but it’s always been in the box type of improvement. Since listening to the podcast about being uncomfortable and learning. I try and be that out of the box person in improvement.

–John Loudermilk