Navy SEAL Training FAQ

Navy SEAL workoutsHow long is BUDS?6 months. As long as you don’t roll back into the next class.

Where is the BUDS training location?
NAB Coronado, California

BUDS Class 234 part 1

What type of boots do you wear at BUDS?
Vietnam jungle boots were worn during the 80′s. Recently BUDS has used the Bates 922. A new boot is in the works.

Who decides your swim buddies in BUDS?
The instructors based on your swim speed.

BUDS Class 234 part 2

What are the BUDS PST Requirements?
To receive a Navy SEAL contract, a candidate must pass the SEAL Physical Screening Test, which consists of:

Swim 500 yrds (timed breast stroke or side stroke) – Rest 10 min.
Push-ups (max set in 2 minutes) – 2 minute rest
Sit-ups (max set in 2 minutes) – 2 minute rest
Pull-ups (max set in 2 minutes) – 10 minute rest
Run 1.5 miles (timed dressed in running in shorts and shoes)

Swim 500 yards 12:30 9:00
Push-ups 50 90
Curl-ups a.k.a. Sit-ups 50 85
Pull-ups 10 18
Run 1.5 miles 10:30 09:30

What is best single workout to prepare you for BUDS?
1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 air squats
1 mile run
wear flack jacket or weight vest if you have one.
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What type of boots do Navy SEALs wear once they get to the Teams?
A variety of boots but most always ones that drain water easily. Bates, Lowa and Danner are top options for boots but others are worn also.

Can you qualify for BUD/S if you have asthma?
No. This is an automatic medical disqualification.

What is the hardest part of BUD/S training?
Typically Hell Week is the hardest long event – but the daily grind will also take its toll. As they say “The only Easy Day was yesterday”.

Can you use supplements in BUD/S?
You can supplement your diet with protein powder if you like but don’t get caught with it in your locker or you will be in the surf zone doing burpees.

How do you prevent shin splints while training for BUD/S before you go in the Navy?
Get good shoes. Don’t use old running shoes that are blown out. Don’t try to run too much mileage too quick. Ease into running slowly. Take a week or a few days off once a month. Instead of running try rowing or biking.

What happens if you fail out of basic underwater demolition seal training (BUD/S)? You are then sent to the regular Navy (aka “the fleet”) to a ship to do the rest of your tour (enlistment).

How many candidates make it to a team after getting through buds? The drop rate is approximately 10% after leaving BUD/S and going to a Team. Candidates can be dropped for DUI, drug test, psychological reasons, SQT event fail, felony or misdemeanor charges.

In BUD/S Navy SEAL training are you really tied up and thrown in a pool? Yes; this is called drown proofing and every BUD/S candidate has to pass this evolution.

How to know you’re ready for BUDS training? Take the mock PST and work your way up to a competitive score. Talk to a recruiter and your guidance counselor. If you have a “why” your ready to go to BUDS.

If you fail at SEAL training are you put on a Navy ship or boat? Most of the time, yes.

How do navy candidates deal with shin splints at buds? You either have to gut it out and use motrin ibuprofen or get rolled back.

Question: What do Navy SEALs do for daily pt? SEALs do a variety of calisthenics then pull ups then go on a long run. Check out the Navy SEAL ebooks we have with workouts in them.

Question: Is Navy SEAL training all running? No; only a portion is running. The rest is bodyweight workouts.

Question: Can you use Navy SEAL workouts for weight loss? yes; it will definitely get you in shape.

Question: Is it too late to start working out at 17 for navy seals? No. You can try out and enter the Navy SEAL training program at 17.

Question: What happens if you dont pass the psych test for navy seals? If you don’t pass any test at BUDS you will be dropped from the program and sent to the regular Navy.